ACCA Computer-Based Examinations

ACCA Computer-Based Examinations

Many of ACCA’s exams are now delivered through computer-based exams (CBEs). Whether it's making their exams more convenient to fit around your life or helping you enhance your employability skills, the CBEs can benefit you.


ACCA offers two types of CBEs which are available for different exams: on-demand CBEs and session CBEs. YKBS only offers the former.



On demand CBEs are available for:

·         Introductory Certificate of Financial and Management Accounting (FA1 and MA1)

·         Intermediate Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting (FA2 and MA2)

·         Diploma in Accounting and Business (FAB, FMA and FFA)

·         ACCA Qualification (F1, F2, F3, and F4 English and Global variants)



On-demand CBEs allow for flexibility in your studies as you can sit them at any time of the year. Also, your results are displayed immediately at the end of the exam and uploaded to your account within 72 hours.



Booking your ACCA CBE with YKBS is easy! Click here to download our Application Form. Fill the form physically or electronically and send to us. Once we receive the form, we will review it and give you a call back or send you an email to confirm receipt of your booking. Simple!


Follow these simple steps to complete your exam:

·         Send us the filled Application Form.

·         Pay by cash at the office for the exam(s) you wish to sit.

·         On exam day, your identity will be checked by the invigilator. Further validity and eligibility checks are carried out, and then the invigilator instructions will be read out.

·         On completion of the exam, your provisional result is displayed on screen. Your result will be transferred to your myACCA records within 72 hours.


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YKBS Ltd (formerly MANCOSA Mtius Ltd) is a private company registered by the Registrar of Companies with specific aims to promote higher education in Mauritius. The company is operational as from July 2002 and has been involved in the promotion of MBA and other management programs exclusively on a supported distance learning mode of delivery.