Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce

Why do a Bachelor of Commerce degree?

The Bachelor of Commerce Degree is a three year programme that focuses on decision-making, management and technology within the business arena and is designed to give the student a strong foundation in the essential skills required for a successful career in business management. The BCom fully equips students with both theoretical and practical exposures preparing them for a professional, commercial environment. Within the public or private sector, managerial expertise is highly valued and career advancement within the management sphere is supported by a recognised degree quali­cation. In fact, many professionals in sectors such as engineering, health services and education choose to complement their existing degrees with a BCom as this ensures career advancement and provides an integral understanding of the business aspects key to their sector of interest. 

What are my career prospects?

This degree provides an attractive range of career options and is the ideal stepping stone to an exciting range of accounting and business related career opportunities. These careers may include but not be limited to O‑ce Manager, Operations Manager, Senior Administrator, General Manager 


Either a Pass in 3 subjects at A level and 1 subject at Subsidiary level at HSC Or Pass in 2 subjects at A level and 2 subject at Subsidiary level at HSC Or Pass in 3 Subject at A level at the London General Certificate
Minimum duration : 3 years
Assignments and examinations will be weighted in the ratio of 40% and 60% respectively in each module


BCom Year 1


• Business Communication 101

• Statistics 102


• Business Management 1

• Economics 1

• Accounting 1


BCom Year 2


• Commercial Law 201

• Information Systems 202


• Business Management

2 Any two electives

• Economics 2

• Accounting 2

• Human Resources Management 2

• Marketing 2

• Health Management 2  


BCom Year 3


• Entrepreneurship 301

• International Business 302 or Taxation 302


• Business Management 3

Any two electives

• Economics 3

• Accounting 3

• Human Resources Management 3

• Marketing 3

• Health Management 3


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