Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management


Within the context of internationalisation, 21st century organisations have developed a completely new way of doing business that has overturned the rigid, hierarchical and divided system of labour in years past. This new model hinges on projects: distinct activities grouped together with the aim of attaining a specified goal – whether it’s a new software package, a marketing strategy or a new brand of toothpaste. Initiating, planning, executing, and evaluating every project requires specialised knowledge and expert project management skills. A project management expert can quickly adapt, organise and troubleshoot, meaning that he or she adds tremendous value to any organisation. The Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management is a one year specialised programme that enables students to develop an advanced understanding of concepts, approaches and tools relevant to the field of project management. Project management impacts directly on the growth and advancement of most modern organisations and is a much-sought-after qualification – both as an area of specialisation and as a complimentary qualification to any career. The programme enhances the capacity of managers to improve production and service delivery thereby contributing to organisational effectiveness. The programme also provides for the attainment of quantitative skills in project finance and project management.



A Bachelor degree or equivalent NQF level 7 qualification


Who Should Apply?

• Individuals who are involved in project management and are able to manage people towards the accomplishment of common goals.


• Aspirant project managers whose positions require them to plan and complete projects within optimal time   and budget constraints.



• Project Manager                                                          


• Project Management Consultant


• Project Co-ordinator                                                  


• Operations Manager


• Projects Specialist





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