Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)


The Bachelor of Business Administration is an undergraduate qualification that provides an overview of management practice in a national and international context. The programme develops a conceptual understanding of management issues, theories and approaches for making a career in management.

The coursework is designed to provide the student with knowledge and skills to apply the principles and practices and management in a real work context. A secondary purpose is to provide a convenient and appropriate avenue into business administration studies and eventually gain full employment for students coming straight out of school.



3 Years



National Qualifications Framework Level 7 (360 credit points)



Either a Pass in 3 subjects at A level and 1 subject at Subsidiary level at HSC Or Pass in 2 subjects at A level and 2 subjects at Subsidiary level at HSC Or Pass in 3 Subject at A level at the London General Certificate



Full time and Supported distance learning.



Four modules are assessed per semester, out of which two modules are evaluated through assignments and examinations. The remaining two modules are assessed by way of assignments only. Examinations are written at the end of each semester.



General Manager
Public Service Administrator
Functional Manager



• School leavers and those aspiring to pursue a career in business and management.
• Persons occupying or intending to occupy junior and middle management positions in private and public businesses.
• Owners or managers of small businesses.



The Bachelor of Business Administration is delivered through supported distance learning. Workshops are held each semester to support students in their studies. A study guide accompanies each module. The guide includes compulsory readings, self-study activities, tutorial letters and assessment exercises. In addition, students have access to online journals, past examination papers and supplementary learning materials available on the website.



Upon completion of the Bachelor of Business Administration, the student should be able to:
Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the function and practice of management.
• Identify and solve business related problems creatively and critically.
• Apply knowledge and skills in a multi-disciplinary way using management concepts, models, theories, principles and research methods.
• Demonstrate in depth knowledge and insight of the economic and business environments.
• Apply critical thinking to the research, analysis, and resolution of business problems.
• Recognise ethical, legal, and social consideration in complex business situations.
• Understand the global, economic, ethical and legal environments of contemporary business.
• Identify and practice the leadership and motivational traits and qualities necessary to accomplish organisational goals.




Year 1

 Semester 1
• Business Management 1A
• Economics 1A
• End User Computing 1T
• Business Mathematics 1T
Semester 2
• Business Management 1B
• Economics 1B
• Business Communication 1T
• Financial Accounting


Year 2

Semester 1
• Business Management 2A
• Business Administration 2A
• Business and Society
• Management Accounting
Semester 2
• Business Management 2B
• Business Administration 2B
• Information Systems
• Business Statistics


Year 3

Semester 1
• Business Management 3A
• Business Administration 3A
• Business Management 3B
• Business Administration 3B
Semester 2
• Business Administration 3C
• Business Administration 3D
• Business Management 3C
• Business Management 3D

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