Higher Certificate in Business Management

Higher Certificate in Business Management

Why do a Higher Certificate in Business Management?

The Higher Certificate in Business Management (HCIBM) provides an overview of the essentials of business management theory and practice. It is designed to provide a convenient and appropriate avenue into business management studies for those individuals whose objective is to gain employment or successfully climb the corporate ladder.

This certificate is an excellent way for students to broaden their understanding of the intrinsic functions of business management such as finance, communications and marketing. The course develops skills necessary to enhance productivity, effectiveness and better performance in the business environment.


What will I gain from this programme?

  • A foundation for a formal career path in management or commerce.
  • The opportunity to gain admission to Regent Business School’s BCom programme on completion of the CIBM.
  • A greater understanding of the various functions of management in a business environment.
  • Knowledge that can be applied within an individual’s present career path in business that will boost their career, improve performance and set their career on the fast track.


Entry Requirement

2 A Levels at HSC


Minimum duration

1 year


NQF level

NQF Level 5

Assignments and examinations will be weighted in the ratio of 40% and 60% respectively in each module.


Programme Structure

Semester 1 Modules

  • Business Management
  • Financial Management
  • Business Communication


Semester 2 Modules

  • Business Information Systems
  • Entreprenuership & Small Business Management
  • Marketing Management


Who should apply?

  • Aspiring individuals whose objective it is to seek employment in the corporate world or who need the grounding to do a BCom degree.
  • People with part-time or full-time employment who wish to advance their careers, but may not have formal post-school qualifications and only limited work experience.
  • People whose post-school qualifications are not in business management but have taken a position in the business world, and now realise that they want to further their career oppportunities in this employment sector.
  • Individuals who either work in or run small businesses and need information and skills so they can develop their ideas, and formulate strategies for the growth of this business.


What are my career prospects?

Although there are many job opportunities available in the private sector as well as government departments, in the field of business and commerce, there is no predetermined career path. By this, it is meant that graduates choose their own destinies based on their interests and personal decisions. Examples of job profiles for individuals who hold the Higher Certificate in Business Management are:


Office Administrator

Management Consultant

Clerical positions

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