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Why study in Mauritius?

“Mauritius was made first, and then Heaven; and Heaven was copied after Mauritius” – Mark Twain.

This famous quote by Mark Twain summarises what Mauritius looks like. You can expect white sandy beaches, turquoise lagoon, mountainous terrain, rivers, waterfalls and lush greeneries. Over the years, the country has developed itself to accommodate for modern cities with state-of-the-art buildings and facilities.

Mauritius boasts a multicultural population with origins from Africa, Asia, and Europe. Mauritius has a variety of flight links to main airports around the world.

Mauritius has seen a sustained economic growth with a stable democratic republic government.
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VISA Application

VISA Application is free and should be made through YK Business School to the Passport & Immigration Office (PIO) prior to travelling to the country. Upon approval by the PIO, the VISA will be send to the school and the student will be notified

Living in Mauritius

Cost of Living

Living in Mauritius is affordable. A student can pay for accommodation, transport and subsistence from USD 250 a month, depending on area of location and lifestyle.


The currency used is the Mauritian Rupees (MUR). It comprises of bank notes ranging from MUR 2000 to MUR 25 and coins of different denominations. MUR 1 = 100 cents. Major foreign currencies can be exchanged at commercial banks and Forex.


Mauritius enjoys a good climatic condition throughout the year with summer and winter. As YK Business School is located on the highlands, students can enjoy a cooler and serene weather.


Accommodation is easily available throughout the island. YK Business School, generally, looks for decent and secured accommodation for international students depending on their budgets. The student will sign a one-year contract with the landlord upon arrival.


Public bus service is available free of charge for fulltime students from nearby bus stop around YK Business School to their place of residence and back. A discounted fare is charged to travel to any other destinations around the island. A student can rent/buy a car from private companies.


Eligible foreign students wishing to work part-time for a maximum of twenty hours per week may request for an Authorisation Letter to that effect. Such request should be made by YK Business School on behalf of the student and should be addressed to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment with copy to the Ministry of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology.

Social Life

There are various water activities and national parks that are available around the Island. There are several cinema halls around the island and in malls where student can enjoy a variety of entertainment. The country has night clubs prominently around the coasts with a few in the inner part of the island.

Since Mauritius is a multicultural Island, students can choose from a wide variety of food that will tickle the taste buds.


The official language is English, although French and Creole are spoken widely.


Mauritius comprises of a number of ethnic groups composed of Hindus, Christians, Muslims, and a small Chinese community. The Franco-Mauritians constitute a small percentage of the population. There are places of worship for all religions.

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Services offered by YKBS to international students

Airport Pick-Up

Students who have obtained their visa to study with YKBS must effect payment before leaving the country of origin and the school must be made aware of your itinerary to make the necessary arrangements for international students’ pick-up


Orientation session

At YKBS, we are aware that it can be difficult to adjust to a new location away from the comfort of home. With this in mind, a special orientation session is provided to the students where they are given general information about their stay and studying in Mauritius.



  • If the student wish, YKBS will assist the student to open a bank account with the local bank
  • If the student is experiencing any sort of difficulties, the institution should be made aware so that we may provide the necessary counselling to the student
  • Monitoring of progress and attendance.
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